LIMOGES. Two young men aged 16 and 23 lost their lives while trying to evade a police check. They hit a car while running a red light.

Two young individuals lost their lives during a disastrous night in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, while trying to escape a police check. This tragic event, reported by a police source and corroborated by Actu17, plunged the city into deep mourning. The deceased, two young men, one sixteen years old riding a scooter, and the other twenty-three years old as a passenger, were drawn into a frantic race as soon as they saw, in the distance, a crew from the anti-crime brigade (BAC).

Around 11:00 p.m., fear seized them, and they started the scooter at high speed, eager to avoid at all costs this inspection which promised to be imminent. Aware of the dangers incurred, the police force tried to pursue them, but faced with the dangerous driving of the two-wheeler, they promptly decided to put an end to this chase. Nevertheless, the driver of the scooter, driven by a fierce determination to evade authority, opted for a solitary escape.

In a frantic breakaway, the reckless driver defied basic safety rules by ignoring a red light, thus exposing his fatal destiny. A violent shock then occurred, when the scooter collided brutally with a vehicle in its path. The aftermath of this impact proved irreversible: the driver of the two-wheeler succumbed to his fate at 12:45 a.m., while his passenger, seriously injured, could not resist the pangs of his injuries and breathed his last at 1:30 a.m. As for the driver of the accident vehicle, he was lucky enough to escape unscathed from this tragic episode.

This drama, having taken place in a sensitive city of Limoges, was the focus of a brief bout of urban violence following the accident. Pain and outrage mingled in an outpouring of frustration at this preventable loss of life. However, appeasement ends up prevailing, temporarily bringing respite to the still palpable tensions.