This strawberry-basil sorbet delivered by Laurent Mariotte is very easy to make, and above all, it does not require any equipment and even less an ice cream maker.

Out of a refreshing dessert idea that appeals to the whole family and is easy to make? If the Greek salad, tabbouleh, melon or watermelon are the stars during a heat wave, even late, there is still nothing better than a good ice cream when it’s hot!

It is always possible to buy it in stores, but making your own homemade ice cream is not very complicated, better and cheaper. It’s even the promise of a hit at home, especially with children amazed by your ice cream skills. Good news, making homemade ice cream does not require any special equipment either. If you have an ice cream maker, it’s very easy but it is possible to make one even if you don’t have this device which can be expensive, difficult to make profitable and cluttering in your kitchen the rest of the year.

To delight your taste buds and those of your guests, chef Laurent Mariotte unveiled his strawberry-basil sorbet recipe on the program “Petits dishes enquilibre” on TF1. A treat, especially when it’s hot! In addition, this recipe requires only 4 ingredients and can be prepared in 15 minutes. Then just put it in the freezer and wait! Here is the famous recipe of the iconic chef of TF1 Laurent Mariotte:

Prep Time: 15 mins Break/Freeze Time: 4 hours

Ingredients for 6 people: