LAURE BALON. Laure Balon was presented on Saturday October 15 on TF1 as the Star Academy’s stage expression teacher. Who will be in charge of the famous debriefs and will succeed Raphaëlle Ricci?

He is one of the five members of the jury of the new Star Academy on TF1! Laure Balon will be in charge of the role of scenic expression teacher with the 13 candidates of this Star Academy 2.0. This status is still very popular during the Star Academy, especially during the famous Saturday night bonus debriefs, embodied at the time by Raphaelle Ricci, feared by many candidates!

Laure Balon is a performer and actress and will therefore be able to bring her knowledge of the stage and acting to apprentice artists. From theater to musicals, she has many strings to her bow. In addition to singing, she has performed in many theater plays such as in the French version of West Side Story but also in productions such as Les Misérables. Attentive viewers of TF1 have also been able to see him in several TV movies and series such as Sauveur Giordano or une Famille Formidable.