JULIAN CANABY. Among the 13 candidates for the Star Academy 2022 edition unveiled on October 15 on TF1, is Julien Canaby. The young man is the brother of Mathieu Canaby, a former Nouvelle Star finalist.

Julien Canaby, 20, is from Toulon. He is part, with 12 comrades, of the new promotion of Star Academy. The launch bonus of the flagship show took place on October 15 and viewers were able to discover the 5 professors as well as the thirteen candidates.

One of them marked by his apparent nonchalance. This is Julien Canaby, who was very comfortable on stage. Nothing abnormal since the young man has been doing this since he was little, as he admitted to France Bleu: “I have a family of musicians who have passed on this love of singing to me for years and years. My mother is a singer-performer and my father is a musician, piano, guitar… My older brother is also a singer.”

The young man, however, never officially took lessons, contenting himself with the advice of his family and performances in their company. Good training since Julien Canaby is the little brother of Mathieu Canaby, who participated in the show “Rising Star” on M6 in 2014, going all the way to the final. Mathieu Canaby then tried his luck at Nouvelle Star in 2017 where he came fourth. Enough to give his little brother a desire for glitter, who does not however admit any particular ambition with regard to Star Ac’: “I come to get out of my comfort zone, to work on the music, to work on the dance , full of discoveries and I can’t wait!”