Joe Biden, in the race for his re-election, made a new blunder in his speech when he had just affirmed that he did not have memory problems. Enough to question his presidential candidacy.

Since his arrival at the head of the United States, Joe Biden’s health has been worrying. The American president multiplies the slips of the tongue and absences during his public appearances. In particular, he has already confused a Ukrainian city with an Iraqi city, spoke to an elected official who died in the middle of a speech, mentioned “more than 100 deaths” from Covid rather than a million… Recently, he quoted François Mitterrand, former French president died in 1996, instead of Emmanuel Macron.

This latest blunder on the French president also occurred in the middle of the presidential campaign. Could his health thus jeopardize his possible re-election next November? Obviously, his detractors and the Donald Trump camp take advantage of these errors to question his place at the head of the country. They claim in particular that Joe Biden is no longer in his right mind and that at 81 years old, he is no longer old enough to govern. According to Le Point, even some Democrats consider the president too old for such functions.

It doesn’t stop there. A new report on the American president has ignited the powder. As The Associated Press reported, Joe Biden was the subject of a report after confidential documents were discovered in his office that date from the time of his vice presidency (2009-2017) under Barack Obama. These documents were then requisitioned by the courts since an American law requires that presidents and vice-presidents transmit all of their working documents to the National Archives, which Joe Biden had not respected.

The Minister of Justice then appointed Robert Hur, an independent prosecutor, to investigate the case against the White House, which pleads simple error and documents taken away by “inadvertence”. This Thursday, Robert Hurt published a 388-page report on the matter. In it, he did not recommend prosecuting Joe Biden. According to AFP, he described the president as “an elderly man with a bad memory” to whom the jury would give the benefit of the doubt. During a long interview with the leader, he reportedly noted that “his memory had gotten worse”. He illustrated his remarks by saying that Joe Biden would have been incapable of remembering the dates of his vice-presidency.

Joe Biden responded to this report during a televised address. He defended himself thus: “I mean well, I’m an old man and I know what I’m doing, dammit. I don’t have memory problems”, he then asserted as reported The Associated Press. Faced with the words of Robert Hurt who also claimed that the president had forgotten the year of his eldest son’s death, Joe Biden was indignant: “How the hell does he dare? I don’t need anyone to tell me remember when he died.

Unfortunately for the president, during his speech, he followed up with a new blunder. He in fact confused the Mexican president with the Egyptian president during questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “You know, originally the president of Mexico, Sissi, didn’t want to open the crossing to let humanitarian aid in. I talked to him, I convinced him to open the border crossing,” he said. he declared while Abdel Fattah al-Sissi is the Egyptian president. Words which contradict his assertion about the absence of memory problems.