Gabriel Attal will deliver his general policy speech to the Assembly on January 30. On Thursday, he brought together his ministers to help them prepare for this highly anticipated exercise.

This is the first test by fire for a new head of government: the general policy speech, delivered before the Assembly, aims to give the main directions of his political agenda. Gabriel Attal will take part in the exercise on January 30, three weeks after taking office. For the Prime Minister, there is no question of leaving anything to chance. Especially since he perhaps remembers the memory of his predecessor, Elisabeth Borne, heckled by the opposition during her speech.

So Gabriel Attal gathered his troops. Thursday January 18, the ministers of the new government were invited to Matignon to prepare their boss’s general policy speech in a “collegial” manner, indicated Attal’s communications team. The latter decided to involve his colleagues in the work in order to “enable immediate implementation of the projects, as soon as they are presented to Parliament”. Also a way to be reassured in your preparation.

The Prime Minister has also increased his meetings and trips to the field since his appointment. Since Tuesday, he has met with union, employer and political party representatives. He spoke Thursday with LR leaders √Čric Ciotti, Bruno Retailleau and Olivier Marleix, who reminded him that they did not intend to offer him a comfortable majority¬†in the Assembly.

Thursday evening, Gabriel Attal returned to his family and spoke in front of the executive office of the Renaissance party, where he revealed a few lines from his roadmap, on work, security and even the environment. The opportunity to practice his eloquence, in front of a much more benevolent audience than the one that awaits him on January 30.