The iPhone keeps updating itself with new features. Many users have recently discovered a new application already installed on their device.

The iPhone is much more than just a phone. This valuable tool is used for all kinds of functions such as alarm clocks, video games, music, streaming and many others. Apple is constantly coming up with new ideas to enrich the functionality of its famous product, through updates to its operating system, iOS.

Recently, many Internet users have discovered a feature added recently to their iPhone. The latter, available for some time now, has made life easier for several people as it is practical and surprising. We are not talking about the “Journal” application which was notably added to the most recent iPhones via an update.

The functionality in question is especially well hidden within the iPhone! So it makes sense that many users have never discovered it. To access it, you must go to the “Settings” application on the iPhone and then to “Accessibility”. There you will find an “Audio and visual” section where you can find the new application in question.

Called “Background Sounds,” this feature lets you play small ambient sounds like the sound of the ocean, wind or rain, right on your iPhone when you turn it on. If the option seems anecdotal, several Internet users have revealed a very useful use for it, in particular to concentrate when there is noise around them or to improve their sleep. Nothing better than playing a little ambient music, the sound of a gentle summer rain or a peaceful river to get a good night’s sleep (especially since playing such sounds has been proven to be beneficial for fall asleep according to several studies).

This new feature, however, requires an iPhone with iOS 15 or a newer version. This allows all models released since the iPhone 6S to benefit from these small ambient sounds to rest or relax.