Two teenagers, aged 17 and 15, suspected of having entered a high school in Angoulême, were arrested on the evening of January 18. Two people were slightly injured during the intrusion into the establishment.

They fled, but were arrested on the evening of Thursday January 18. Two teenagers suspected of having entered the Marguerite de Valois high school in Angoulême (Charente), yesterday morning, were arrested by the police and placed in police custody, said the Angoulême public prosecutor Stéphanie Aouine . The two individuals “are aged 17 and 15 respectively” and are suspected of having punched a PE teacher and of having dispersed tear gas near the students.

The police are trying to understand the motivations of the two intruders for breaking into the high school. The public prosecutor indicated that “more information will be communicated during the day”.

The intrusion of two individuals into the Marguerite de Valois high school in Angoulême gave rise to a major police operation on the morning of January 18. The two men were looking for a student according to Charente-Libre and threw tear gas which inconvenienced at least one person, while a teacher who tried to intervene was slightly injured by receiving a blow fist. A video of the attack clearly shows that the teacher received a blow before trying to catch one of the intruders. Although only two people were slightly injured, a total of 44 people were treated by emergency services, most of them due to exposure to tear gas.

The police intervened in the high school shortly after the incident for an operation to remove doubts which ended around noon. In parallel with the police operation, a “containment” of the 1,800 students and educational staff was organized in the establishment for more than an hour. The police assured from 11 a.m. that the “situation was under control”, Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera assured for her part that “the students [were] safe”.

Despite the return to normal and the announcement by the police of the resumption of student activities in the afternoon, the principal of the Marguerite-de-Valois high school informed parents of the suspension of classes for the afternoon. noon of January 18: “Classes are suspended this afternoon. Parents wishing to pick up their child, including boarders, can do so. A listening cell has been activated in the amphitheater for students who wish.” If everything is back to normal, the principal of the establishment indicated that an investigation will have to determine how the instrumentals were able to penetrate the establishment while supervisors controlled access to the entrance to the high school.