New phones come out every month. I regularly test the latest new products and reveal to you the smartphone that I recommend without hesitation to those around me!

Not a single month goes by in the year without a new phone being released. Whether it’s Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or many other manufacturers, brands know that it is essential to flood the market. This strategy allows them to offer smartphones likely to interest many potential customers, whatever their budget.

However, there are some phones that are much better than others. If Samsung and Apple shine with their high-end phones such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra or the iPhone 15 Pro Max (for the very latest releases), there are still excellent products available for much less.

The smartphone that I recommend to all my loved ones is one of them and it is very recent. It’s only been available for a few days! This is the latest Nothing Phone (2a). A phone that is already very original in its design, but which also turns out to be very efficient!

Why the Nothing Phone (2a) and not another? First of all because of the price! This allows it to stand out against market leaders like Samsung or Google. The Phone (2a) also has a real visual identity with its transparent design and its small LEDs located on its rear shell. Its performance is not to be outdone either since it is entirely possible to run big games on it and not suffer from any slowdown!

The Phone (2a) is therefore offered from 349 euros in its basic configuration with 128 GB of storage space. If you find that a little tight, it is possible to upgrade to 256 GB for 50 euros more. This remains an excellent price given its capabilities and compared to smartphones costing 1000 euros or more which are often considered better.

Games not your thing? What does it matter! The Phone (2a) also has very good performance for photos and videos with its dual 50MP sensor and 32MP selfie camera. The smartphone is also capable of shooting up to 4K at 30 FPS or 1080p and 60 FPS! Enough to capture beautiful moments with excellent quality.

Of course, there are other alternatives. The Google Pixel 7a is also a very good smartphone, but the latter suffers from a serious lack of autonomy which may bother some users. However, you can also look at Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 13 Pro which has received excellent feedback from the specialist press.