It’s the season to wash your duvets. But do you know how many can be put in a machine at once? Here’s how to estimate it.

The capacity of a washing machine, that is, its maximum load, is indicated in kilograms. The load of the machines generally varies between 4 and 12 kg. This charge is for dry laundry. It would indeed be really difficult to estimate the weight of wet laundry.

But how much does the dry laundry actually weigh? Many modern machines are able to weigh the laundry themselves, but in the absence of this function, you can use the list below to get an idea of ​​the weight of the laundry.

So you can put about 4-5 duvet covers at a time in a 5 pound machine. However, one should not blindly focus on the maximum load of the machine and fill it to the brim. Space must be left for the movement of the laundry during washing. A good rule to follow is that when you have enough space at the top of the machine to put your hand in, the machine is full.

You should also pay attention to the type of laundry to be washed. For example, for delicate washing, the machine should not be filled close to its maximum and for linen items, the machine should be half full.