At Easter, chocolate sales explode, but so do prices. This year, cocoa production having been difficult, there could be very unpleasant surprises. Here’s how to get it at a lower price.

Easter is approaching. For 2024, the bells will return from Rome on March 31 and April 1, which is Easter Monday. If this date rings with a public holiday, it especially brings to mind chocolate. The French often rush to supermarkets to buy their favorite chocolates. They spend on average 20 euros there. But this year, this sum could be much higher due to an unprecedented price increase.

Already in 2023, a price increase of 10% was noted due to inflation. This year, the indices are not good either. At the end of February, a ton of cocoa beans exceeded $6,200 on the New York Stock Exchange, a jump of 170% over one year, as reported by 60 million consumers. This is explained by the “El Nino” climatic phenomenon, which caused a rise in temperatures in the main cocoa-producing countries. Faced with episodes of drought but also torrential rains, the harvests were not fruitful. As the cost of raw materials has exploded, prices at the end of the chain are also increasing.

Chocolate is also suffering from the surge in the price of sugar, with an estimated increase of 20% for 2024. According to economist Philippe Chalmin. interviewed by TF1, “the chocolate that we are going to consume at Easter costs more, at least with regard to its cocoa part, but also its sugar part”. Milk chocolate would be less affected than dark chocolate, however.

Another expert still wanted to reassure. Gilles Rouvière, general director of the Syndicat du chocolat, assured 60 million consumers “that it is likely that Easter chocolates will experience an increase. But the surge in recent weeks should not have a major impact on Easter 2024, the chocolates being manufactured in advance to ensure availability on the shelves. The situation will be more worrying, however, by 2025.

In any case, you will have to be careful when you buy your chocolates so as not to be fooled. Following the increase in the price of the raw material, producers could reduce the quantities or rate of cocoa. To be sure you are dealing with real chocolate, check that its cocoa solids content is greater than 35%, with at least 18% cocoa butter. With Easter just around the corner, it is also advisable to buy your treats as quickly as possible to have plenty of choice. If you’re not in a hurry and would prefer to save money, you can wait for the clearance after Easter to pay less. The chocolates are then sold significantly cheaper, with discounts of around 30% in the 10 days after the party.

The real good idea for enjoying Easter chocolates without breaking the bank is to do it yourself. It’s not difficult. You need to buy a chocolate bar, for example dessert type – and molds. You can also use ice cube molds if they are round or invest in larger ones, reusable all year round! By melting your chocolate and shaping it, you will make significant savings, around 50% on quality chocolate.