There is a little-known trick to making your microwave clean as new. Without chemicals and at low cost, here is the best tip for cleaning your oven.

The microwave is often a real time saver in our daily lives. It’s easy to reheat any leftovers from previous meals, not to mention store-bought meals. But one of the downsides of using the microwave is that it can be difficult to clean if not done regularly. Indeed, with frequent use, the microwave can quickly become dirty. This is especially true if you do not use a specific lid to protect the food during cooking. If you don’t clean the microwave regularly, it can end up giving off a bad smell and looking unpleasant when you open the door to use it.

Luckily, there’s a genius hack that can get your microwave squeaky clean in an instant! Forget all the expensive and toxic detergents: the tool you need is probably already at home. All you need is a lemon. Here are the steps to follow :

You will quickly see that dirt and grease stains that seemed encrusted disappear instantly. In addition, the fresh scent of lemon will have neutralized all bad odors. And there you have it – your microwave shines like new! Lemon juice in the microwave acts as a natural cleaning agent thanks to its acidity. When heated, it produces steam which helps soften embedded dirt. Chemically, the acidity of lemon breaks down fat molecules, making them easier to eliminate. Additionally, lemon has antibacterial and deodorizing properties. So, not only does it help clean, but it also eliminates bad odors and reduces bacteria present.