Expected for many years, RCS messages would arrive on the iPhone later this year.

Google has been campaigning for several years now for the arrival of the RCS protocol on iPhone. This technology, designed to replace traditional SMS, should finally land in Apple smartphones by fall 2024.

An announcement which does not come as much of a surprise since Apple had already announced its intention to bring RCS to the iPhone “during 2024” following numerous complaints from Android competitors such as Google and Samsung. The latter criticized Apple for a certain monopoly and a discordance between Android and iOS users, triggering the famous debates of green and blue discussion bubbles which could not agree with each other.

In a recently posted web page, Google states that RCS would arrive on iPhone within a few months. A rather surprising announcement but which makes sense in view of the next Apple conference.

This prediction obviously brings to mind iOS 18, Apple’s next big update for the iPhone operating system. The latter should notably be revealed during the Apple WWDC keynote which will be held next June. According to many sources, iOS 18 would bring many changes to the iPhone, including the arrival of several AI-based features.