PATENT HISTORY-GEO EMC. The history-geography and moral and civic education test for the 2023 college certificate will take place on the morning of Tuesday, June 27. Find the topics that should probably drop this year, as well as the proofreaders in 2022.

[Updated May 19, 2023 at 4:33 p.m.] This year, the history-geography and moral and civic education test for the college certificate will take place on Tuesday, June 27 between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. During this test, scored out of 50 points, 3rd graders will be required to work on the subjects discussed with their teachers during the school year. History is scored out of 20 points, as is geography, and moral and civic education (EMC) is scored out of 10 points. If this test is less important than others like French or mathematics, which are marked out of 100 points, it should not however be underestimated, especially for those who hope to get a mention this year.

Last year, the flight of subjects before the start of the history-geography and EMC test had forced the Ministry of National Education to offer relief subjects to candidates. These relief topics focused on European cooperation, the euro, world wars, regional planning, media education, overseas operations and the country’s duty of defence. Faced with the quantity of dates, definitions and names to remember, it is easy for a patent candidate to become discouraged. That is why we have prepared a list of the subjects that are most likely to fall for the 2023 patent, in order to organize your revisions more efficiently. The answers to the 2022 test, for the general series as well as the professional, are also available for training.

During the history-geography and moral and civic education (EMC) test for the college certificate, candidates work on the subjects covered in class during the year. To help 3rd graders find their way around the multitude of topics covered, the online tutoring site has compiled a list of “very likely topics” that could fall during the 2023 patent. Here they are, divided according to whether they relate to history, geography or moral and civic education.

It should, however, be remembered that these are only the subjects that are most likely to fall during the 2023 patent, and that other subjects not included in this list could constitute the history-geography and ‘EMC. In addition to these “very probable subjects”, notes in “probable subjects” these themes: “France defeated and occupied. Vichy regime, collaboration, Resistance”, “Independence and construction of new States”, “Issues and conflicts in the world after 1989”, “Developing to respond to the growing inequalities between French territories, at all levels” and “Defence and Citizenship Day”.

Finally, the online tutoring site considers it “unlikely” that the following subjects will fall: “1944-1947: refounding the Republic, redefining democracy”, “The Fifth Republic, from the Gaullian Republic to alternation and cohabitation”, “Women and men in society from the 1950s to the 1980s: new social and cultural issues, political responses”, “French overseas territories: a specific problem”, “Political, union, associative, humanitarian aid: motivations, methods, problems” and “Social rights in France”.

For the 2022 general patent, the first part of the subject focused on geography and in particular on “France and the European Union”, before a second part on history this time, and in particular on Europe as ” major theater of total wars (1914-1945)”. The third part, relating to moral and civic education, finally dealt with media education, with in particular as an appendix Article 11 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 on “Free communication of thoughts and opinions”.

For the professional patent 2022, the subject of history related to “The world since 1945” with two supporting documents: the front page of the newspaper Liberation of January 1, 1999, which announced the official creation of the euro, and the speech of Jacques Chirac, President of the Republic, on December 31, 2001, on the eve of its entry into circulation. The geography part was articulated around this question: “Why and how to develop the territory?” A development constructed of around fifteen lines called for a description of the objectives of land use planning in France today.

Regarding moral and civic education, two documents were proposed: a first illustrating the inauguration of the monument to the dead for France in external operations in a public garden in Paris, on November 11, 2019, by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, and a second presenting an excerpt from the Head of State’s speech during the ceremony.

The history-geography certificate and EMC 2022 corrections were provided by our partner Studyrama, and were produced by specialized teachers. Attention: it is a question of getting an idea of ​​the form that a successful copy can take in the test, while knowing that there are of course for certain questions or parts of the tests several possible ways of doing it:

With our partner Studyrama, find below the history-geography and EMC subjects for the 2022 patent with the full copies provided by the Ministry of National Education. Two quite different copies were offered this year to candidates for the general certificate and the professional patent, with some common themes, particularly around European construction.

The history-geography and moral and civic education test can earn up to 50 points during the college patent, so it is important. At the patent, the value of each test is not calculated on the basis of a coefficient, but with a counting of points. As a reminder, you can obtain a maximum of 800 points during the patent. A minimum of 400 out of 800 points is required to pass. Then, when you collect more points, you can earn mentions: you need at least 480 for the mention fairly well, at least 560 for the mention well, and 640 for the mention very well.

The DNB history-geography and moral and civic education test lasts 2 hours and is divided into three different exercises. It is scored out of 50 points (against 100 points for mathematics, and 100 points for French): 20 points for history, 20 points for geography, 10 points for EMC.

Results for the 2023 patent will be released in early July. The precise date of communication of the results is not the same in all the academies. For this year, applicants should expect to receive their grades between Friday July 7 and Tuesday July 11. And after the results, let’s celebrate the students with the highest marks! A republican patent graduation ceremony is organized at each start of the school year for the winners in their college. The academies, in conjunction with schools and local elected officials – mayors, departmental councillors, etc. – organize an official presentation of diplomas obtained the previous year each year.