The former president sees within the Attal government the desire to “apply private sector methods in the public service”.

François Hollande was this Wednesday February 7 the guest of the Franceinfo morning show. The former French head of state was led to comment on the stormy beginnings of Amélie Oudéa-Castéra at the Ministry of National Education. While the minister has crystallized the anger of public teachers since her statements on the Littré school, the socialist wanted to put the situation into perspective… to better place responsibility on the government as a whole.

“There were statements that were extremely unfortunate, there was a form of misunderstanding of what the reality of the work of public teachers was, and then there was a form of prism with regard to the private,” he admitted. But according to him, this attitude is “not specific to Ms. Oudéa-Castéra”.

“We can clearly see that throughout the government, there is this favor given to the private sector, affirmed François Hollande. It is a government which likes the private sector, not only in education, moreover”, according to the ‘former president. “There are of course businesses, the market, where the private sector must play a very important role,” he explained. “And then there are what we call collective functions, where the public must be recognized as such and with methods that are not those of the private sector,” he analyzed.

“Ms. Oudéa-Castéra is not isolated in this government in this exaltation” of the private sector, concluded the former head of state. While refusing “to call into question the choices” of parents for their children’s education, he deplored that the current government wants to “apply private methods in the public service, or in the public education sector. “