Tickets for the Euro 2024 play-offs are allocated based on Nations League standings. We already know several posters of these rather special dams. Explanations.

Tonight, the final qualifying matches will determine whether Croatia or Wales will land the final direct spot for Euro 2024. The other team will have to go through the play-offs. We already know all the other participants in these play-offs, which will take place in March and distribute the three remaining tickets for the Euro in Germany. These play-off tickets were not distributed according to the playoff rankings, but those of the 2022-2023 Nations League.

12 teams are therefore participating in these play-offs: it is the 4 nations having obtained the best results in each of the three “divisions” (A, B, C) of the Nations League which will compete for these precious seeds. The play-off format will be in three distinct “paths”, corresponding to these divisions of the Nations League: each with two semi-finals and a final, the winner of which will qualify for Euro 2024. In each path, the semi-finals -finals are determined by the general ranking of the UEFA Nations League: the 1st receives the 4th, and the 2nd receives the 3rd.

The teams highlighted in green are directly qualified for Euro 2024. Those highlighted in yellow will play in the play-offs. The other nations are eliminated. There are only two League A teams not directly qualified for the Euro: Poland and Croatia or Wales. The remaining two places in Path A were therefore awarded to a fifth team from League B, and the best team from League D (Estonia), which does not have a play-off path, being the weakest league .

Path A:

The League A path consists of the two League A teams not directly qualified (Poland and Croatia or Wales), Estonia (top group winner of League D), and one of the runners-up in League B drawn at random (Finland, Ukraine or Iceland).

With Croatia ahead of Poland in the Nations League standings, and Wales behind, these semi-finals will be different depending on which team qualifies directly.

Path B:

The League B path consists of two group winners from Nations League B (Israel and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and two of the three non-qualified runners-up from League B according to a draw (Finland, Ukraine, Iceland ).

Path C:

The League C path consists of three group winners in Nations League C (Georgia, Greece and Kazakhstan) and the best runner-up: Luxembourg. We already know with certainty the semi-finals of the Route C play-offs.

The semi-finals will take place on March 21, 2024. The finals will take place just five days later, on March 26, 2024.