Elden Ring begins a new chapter in its history with the announcement of its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Enough to find the Entre-Terre in an adventure that is still just as mysterious, but not planned for right away.

Undisputed winner of the title of Game of the Year 2022, Elden Ring will move on to a new chapter in its history. The famous From Software game with 20 million copies sold, is offered a new DLC one year after its release. This new adventure, which is expected to be epic and rich in content, was announced last March by the teams of the Japanese studio. What arouse the excitement of the fans, but not for a while, if we are to believe some very specific data. The update on the information is just below.

What we know about this next DLC, called “Shadow of the Erdtree” or in French L’Ombre de l’Arbre-Monde, is still extremely limited. As usual, From Software remains quite cryptic about the content of its products and apart from an image and the information that the DLC is already in development, difficult to guess more. For the moment, we know that the Shadow of the World Tree does not appear in From Software’s forecasts for its fiscal year 2023. Clearly, we can vaguely expect a release date by the end of the year 2024, although we have to wait for a confirmation from the Japanese developer.

The question of its content is still very mysterious, but we know that the DLCs of From Software games have a habit of pushing the envelope quite far and offering players new playable game areas, and a whole range of ready bosses. to shrivel us up. You should also know that the history of Elden Ring always leaves gray areas perfectly exploitable in a new adventure. For now, the only clue we can have is the image published by From Software, where we can see what can be the young Miquella riding Torrent. Malenia’s brother might just be the focus of this expansion since he’s one of the only Empyreans who received little treatment in the original game.