New technology allows motorists to earn money if they drive more responsibly.

Imagine if tomorrow, road transport professionals (heavy goods vehicle, coach, bus, taxi, delivery drivers, etc.) or paid carpooling enthusiasts were no longer the only ones to earn money for each trip made? Increasing your purchasing power just by driving your vehicle, the idea may seem absurd, but it is nevertheless making progress. Since the end of February, new technology has accompanied the car journeys of several hundred employees in theĀ North department. In exchange for more responsible driving, these users can obtain rewards in kind.

How it works ? All you need to do is equip your car with a small box that you then simply plug in and connect to an application. Don’t panic if your car is not new, all vehicles manufactured after 1992 can receive this astonishing innovation. This intelligent unit will analyze all of the motorist’s journeys by monitoring their driving, in particular their compliance with speed limits and their fuel consumption. If you are wondering, no, the goal of this device is not to monitor all the actions of the person behind the wheel, but to train them in more eco-responsible driving.

It is by driving better, meaning by releasing fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, that the user has the most to gain. Because on each journey he obtains a score out of 100. The points are accumulated in a virtual wallet which will then allow the driver to exchange them for reduction vouchers in partner brands of his company. Discounts on cinema tickets, in local restaurants, at certain merchants, the employee earns money if their carbon footprint is good. Not to mention the fuel savings it makes on each journey by adopting more flexible driving.

This new practice, virtuous for the environment and beneficial to the local economy, has taken off well in the Nord department. Other companiesĀ could well be convinced to offer these small intelligent boxes to their employees and it would not be surprising to see them soon deployed throughout France. There is no doubt that success would be there.