In recent years, he has been predestined to take over from Emmanuel Macron in 2027. But faced with the undeniable rise in power of Jordan Bardella, Gabriel Attal and other Raphaël Glucksmann seem to have the wind in their sails. Even if it means making an Édouard Philippe obsolete?

The only political figure among the French’s favorite personalities in 2023, Jordan Bardella, 28, president of the National Rally, is popular. Love him or hate him, his popularity is a fact that other parties now have to deal with. As the European elections loom, Emmanuel Macron appointed Prime Minister, at the beginning of January 2024, Gabriel Attal, 34, popular minister and now holder of the title of youngest tenant of Matignon under the Fifth Republic. An “anti-Bardella weapon” which has the effect of somewhat eclipsing the former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron and darling of the French Édouard Philippe.

The latest Elabe barometer published on January 4 also demonstrates the progress, in recent months, of Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella. If Édouard Philippe, who has been predicted since 2020 as the natural successor to Emmanuel Macron in 2027, remains at the top of the ranking of the most popular political figures, with 41%, he still marks time, losing six points in two month. Conversely, Gabriel Attal experienced a meteoric rise in his popularity in 2023, going from 22% in May to 38% in December and even 39% in January, thus getting closer to Édouard Philippe. And if Marine Le Pen finishes third, Jordan Bardella (33%) is just behind her.

Same observation in the Figaro Magazine barometer in which Édouard Philippe finishes at the top of the personalities that the French would like to see play an important role in the months and years to come, alongside Marine Le Pen (39% tied). Here again, Jordan Bardella and Gabriel Attal are lying in wait, with 35% and 34% respectively. In the presidential camp, we make no secret of it: we hope that Emmanuel Macron’s “anti-Bardella weapon” will have its small effect during the next elections.

Upcoming elections during which Jordan Bardella will be, remember, head of the list of the National Rally. Facing him, Raphaël Glucksmann, 44 years old, new face of the Socialist Party, but also Léon Deffontaines, 27 years old, the “anti-Bardella” of the communists, Manon Aubry, 34 years old, who represented the Insoumis, Marie Toussaint (EELV) , 36 years old, or Marion Maréchal (Reconquêtes!), 34 years old. Fortunately for Édouard Philippe, 53 years old, barring an unexpected turn of events of which only politics has the secret, for the deadline which interests him, namely that of the 2027 presidential election, the opponent should rather be named Marine The pen. And when it comes to age, he wins!