At the microphone of France Bleu this Friday, January 19, former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said he was preparing “in a relaxed” but “serious” way for the 2027 electoral deadline.

Right-hand man of Emmanuel Macron for whom he took on the role of Prime Minister between 2017 and 2020, Édouard Philippe will have accompanied the French in the first months of the pandemic, undoubtedly forever keeping in their minds the traits of a wise figure , humble, responsible, serious and endowed with a certain resilience. Preferring to then move on to new adventures, he resigned after the municipal elections in 2020, returning to his mandate as mayor of Le Havre. Already at that time, many political observers saw him taking over from Emmanuel Macron. Remaining loyal to the president in recent years, by creating his own party, Horizons, in 2021, Édouard Philippe has nevertheless risen to the rank of ally of Emmanuel Macron.

Discreet, while being regularly present in the media and at major events, Édouard Philippe is nonetheless in the starting blocks for 2027. As evidenced by his comments made this Friday, January 19 on the airwaves of France Bleu. On the sidelines of the “Le Goût des autres” literary festival, the former Prime Minister was the special guest of Ma France and he, once again, did not hide his ambitions. “Many people think that 2027 is a long way off. But I learned that when you prepare for something difficult, you have to prepare for it. That’s what I do, in a very relaxed way, but at the same time very serious,” he said.

This is in fact not the first time that the former Prime Minister has made this type of comment. Last December, on the set of Quotidien, he judged that “it would be a shame not to be ready”. And to insist: “It would even be criminal not to be ready, given the stakes”, before giving some details on his preparation which would involve above all “travels in France”, readings, “meetings” with people, times of reflection, proposals and trips abroad. “And we try to surround ourselves, because we never do anything alone,” he added, affirming in passing to “build” a team.

Paris and Aisne this week, Mayenne, Sarthe and New Caledonia soon, “moving around is also a time when we listen, where we learn,” said Édouard Philippe on Friday. And the one who remains a very popular political figure since his departure from the government adds: “What interests me is to hear what associative actors, those responsible for social structures, entrepreneurs and nourish my thoughts.” Words that should allow him to continue building his image as a politician who listens to others. But will that be enough to face a Marine Le Pen or even, who knows, a Gabriel Attal?