These silica sachets are included with the majority of the products we order. But rather than throwing them away and ruining them, they are very useful in many cases. Here they are.

When you receive a new bag or a pair of shoes, there is often a little extra included in the box: the famous silica sachets. And of course, you follow the instructions on the packaging, namely to dispose of these sachets. So after unpacking your new items, those little bags end up straight in the trash. But that’s a mistake!

Because while these little sachets can create a mess if punctured and the little gel beads spill out, there are plenty of ways to use them at home. Here are five of the most ingenious uses:

1. Save your phone

It’s happened to all of us: dropping the phone in the toilet, a puddle, the kids bathtub, getting it wet in the rain… If your phone gets wet, silica is a perfect ally to save it . Disassemble the phone as much as possible and place it with the silica bags to protect it from moisture damage.

2. Better visibility in the car

It is dangerous to drive with a foggy windshield. This is a common problem when getting into the car after getting wet in the rain. A tip is to place a sachet of silica on the dashboard. Not only do they wick away moisture, but they also prevent fogging.

3. Keep your silverware shiny

Silverware is beautiful, but it can easily darken. These sachets can help you with this. Place a few in the cutlery drawer and enjoy the lasting shine of your silverware.

4. Protect old memories

Some are more nostalgic than others. Old photos, children’s drawings, love letters, etc., are things we want to keep. Silica sachets can help protect those precious memories. Place the sachets with your memories to protect them from humidity.

5. Use them to dry flowers

Dried flowers are pretty for decorating the house. You can use these little beads to dry flowers – and as a bonus, you can leave them with the flowers once they’re dry. They absorb moisture, allowing the flowers to retain their beauty.