A priori, according to the prosecution, the documents concerning the 2024 Olympic Games, which were stolen, did not contain confidential information.

Just a few days after the theft of a Gare du Nord computer in Paris, with which two USB keys were stolen, one of which contained information on the 2024 Olympic Games, data which however turned out to be non-sensitive after investigation, the theft of a computer on which there were again documents relating to the Paris Olympics was reported this Monday by Actu17 and BFMTV.

This time the theft apparently occurred on Friday March 1 in the parking lot of the Avenir shopping center, in Drancy, in Seine-Saint-Denis. The professional computer was allegedly stolen from the car of the general secretary of the management of the Avicenne hospital (Bobigny), who had gone shopping. On his return, noting the damage to his car and the absence of the computer, the victim filed a complaint and the Drancy police station immediately took charge of the investigation, opened for “theft with damage”.

What about documents on the Olympic Games? The prosecution was reassuring on this subject, telling BFMTV as well as Actu17 that information concerning the 2024 Olympics “was not confidential”. Actu17 reports on access plans and traffic plans for the Olympic Games, and discusses essential documents above all for the emergency services responsible for intervening during the world event. According to the prosecution, the stolen information was “intended to be public, particularly on the circulation (logistics) plans of various hospitals in the department”.