PRODUCT SECRETS. How does Back Market manage to control and offer refurbished devices at excellent prices? We explain everything to you in this second episode of “Product Secrets”.

“Product Secrets” is our show which allows you to discover how companies go about designing or offering their services. For this new episode, we were able to speak with Amandine Durr, Chief Product Officer at Back Market. The latter notably returned with us to the objectives of the site, its vocations and the different processes implemented by Back Market to offer reconditioned devices controlled by approved resellers.

Created in 2014, the Back Market company is a specialist in its field: the sale of reconditioned tech devices. Whether laptops, smartphones or tablets, the site allows you to get your hands on all kinds of products at prices that are often more attractive than in their new version. The objective is twofold: to slow down the consumption of new tech releases and to develop a more ecological aspect by reusing refurbished devices.