Three people were arrested on March 19, thirteen days after the rape of Shanon, a 13-year-old schoolgirl. The teenager, who had been placed in a coma, died last Wednesday.

They are between 13 and 19 years old. Three people were arrested on March 19 in the Shanon case, named after the 13-year-old girl who died on March 27 following a rape that occurred on March 6 at the home of a friend in Rantigny, in the ‘Oise. While the circumstances of the tragedy must still be clarified, the Senlis prosecutor, Loïc Abrial, said in a press release that the three people present at the scene of the tragedy had been arrested. This is Shanon’s friend, also 13 years old. She was the one who called for help after finding Shanon unconscious in a bedroom. In respiratory arrest, the teenager had already lost a lot of blood, relays 20 Minutes. Transported to Amiens hospital, she will be kept alive by a respirator for three weeks, in a coma, until extubation authorized by her family last week.

The other two suspects are two young men, aged 18 and 19. While the investigation has yet to shed light on how they came into contact with the young girls, BFMTV understands that the latter had chosen to have sexual relations with them. Each with one of the boys, in separate rooms. The facts were, however, qualified as rape, with the law of April 21, 2021 providing for a “presumption of non-sexual consent for adolescents aged 15 or under”. At this stage, we still do not know what happened between the moment when the two couples separated and the moment when the 19-year-old young man alerted his boyfriend that there was a problem with Shanon, leading to the escape of the two individuals.

“The investigation should make it possible to know the exact circumstances, but we can already ask ourselves the question of acts of torture and barbarity,” explains Mr. Frédéric Le Bonnois, the lawyer for Shanon’s family, interviewed by 20 Minutes, which mentions “a gaping wound in the victim’s vagina”. While a procedure for “rape of a minor by an adult” had initially been opened, Shanon’s death reclassified the judicial information as “rape leading to the death of the victim”.

“The alleged rapist was placed in pre-trial detention. His two co-indicted, suspected of voluntary abstention from preventing a crime, were left free, with an adult placed under judicial supervision and a minor placed under provisional judicial educational measure”, for his part announced the public prosecutor, emphasizing in passing that none of the suspects has a criminal record. The investigation is continuing. Shanon’s funeral will take place on April 9. A white march should also be organized this week, the family’s lawyer told 20 Minutes.