Who has never received malicious or fraudulent calls? The latter are even starting to land on Whatsapp to scam you. However, the application has already provided for the coup with a very useful option.

The scene is known and unfortunately too recurrent: a hidden or unknown number calls you, you answer and it is a person responsible for presenting you with a superb commercial offer. This kind of interaction is very common and usually hides well-crafted scams based on fake online promotions or petitions.

If the majority of telephone canvassers have so far been content to go through your telephone number, there are more and more reports on the Whatsapp application. Unknown numbers will text you or attempt calls directly through the app in an effort to scam you.

WhatsApp didn’t wait long to take care of the problem, however. If you have the latest updates of the application, it is possible to protect yourself against commercial or even fraudulent calls with a small parameter that we detail in this article.

By going to the WhatsApp settings, you will see a small tab called “privacy”. If your app is up to date, then you should find a “calls” section there between your live location and blocked contacts.

This section then allows you to mute all calls from unknown numbers. If these will still appear in your call register, you will no longer have notifications and ringtones from users whose number you do not know!