CHRIS STAR ACADEMY. Chris Camalon is one of 13 candidates for Star Academy 2022. The singer, from Aix en Provence, is 28 years old. Will he have the role of big brother to candidates younger than him?

Parisian installed in Aix en Provence for a short time, Chris Camalon is one of the 13 candidates of the Star Academy who returns to TF1. The singer made his duet debut with Carla, another candidate, on the Star Ac’ stage. A glimpse of the role that naturally awaits him in the castle? Because Chris, 28, will be the oldest candidate if we rely on the first information distilled by TF1 and France Bleu who were able to question the candidates.

Chris already has a rich musical career behind him, from the Zenith d’OrlĂ©ans stage during a Soprano concert to the British X Factor selections. But the Star Academy made him dream, he who could also have chosen The Voice. “It’s quite simply a childhood dream!”, He proclaims to La Provence. “I was a fan of Star Academy. So much so that I noted the advice of teachers to improve myself, because I was not lucky enough to have singing and dancing lessons at the time”, he remembers. “It’s my childhood. I can still see myself in front of the TV saying to myself ‘it would be a dream to return to this castle, to have such prestigious courses. There, it’s a dream come true. It’s just amazing, can’t wait!”