CARLA STAR ACADEMY. Among the 13 candidates for the new season of Star Academy, broadcast on TF1, is Carla, a young woman from Antibes. Here is his portrait.

Carla, 23, born in Antibes and who lived there until she reached majority, is one of the 13 candidates for this 2022 season of Star Academy, which is making a comeback on October 15 on TF1. The young woman notably followed a course in a dance school and then did the Cours Florent for training in musical comedy. She then appeared in the musical “Ghost” at the Mogador theater in Paris.

Before her participation in the famous telecrochet presented by Nikos Aliagas, Carla confided in “Var Matin”. The young woman admitted to being a fan of Star Academy, the last seasons of which “rocked her childhood”.

The artistic universe of the young woman is described by herself as “hip-hop, street jazz” for the dance and “pop RNB” for the song.

Carla has a lot of ambition for adventure while being aware of what comes with a sudden spotlight. His goal ? “Stay as long as possible in the adventure and enjoy every moment. We all want to win, to go all the way, but the show is also a life accelerator with rare media exposure. We have to be aware, especially for the aftermath. During the last season, social networks were not as omnipresent as in 2022, we will have to adapt.”