Black Friday Dyson. Dyson does very little promotion, so now is the time to invest in one of its best sellers. Vacuum cleaner, air purifier, straightener, Dyson Airwrap™… Here are the best deals.

The Dyson brand is renowned for its high-performance products, but also for its high prices. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Dyson vacuum cleaner, an air purifier/fan/heater from the brand, a straightener, or even the famous Dyson Airwrap™ which will give you the most beautiful hairstyles without damaging your hair.

Get ready, on the occasion of Black Friday, Dyson is selling off many products. It’s time for you to get cracking, and even start your Christmas gifts to spoil your loved ones. We have found the 5 best offers not to be missed during this edition of Black Friday.

For a clean home and for a small budget, don’t hesitate, this is the vacuum cleaner you need! Lightweight, its autonomy can go up to 40 minutes. Thanks to its different brushes, you can vacuum floors, ceilings, but also your sofas and armchairs! It’s the best value for money.

Higher range, the Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner is more powerful and its autonomy can go up to 60 minutes. It will therefore be perfect if you have a large surface area, carpets, or animals.

Three-in-one, this device heats your room in winter, ventilates it in summer, and purifies it all year round.

Having become the essential accessory for all fashionistas, this curler allows you to dry and style your hair easily, but above all without extreme heat to avoid damaging it. the brand’s word: “Dries. Curls. Sculpts. Smoothes and controls unruly hair. Without thermal damage.”

For straight hair, this is the device you need. With its flexible copper plates, it fits the hair perfectly for a very smooth finish.

All of these Dyson products are the brand’s best-sellers and have already proven themselves. We advise you not to delay if you want to give in, because every year, the products go out at breakneck speed! On the other hand, the brand does very little promotion, so it is rare to be able to buy Dyson products at a reduced price.