This new question proposed to candidates for the Highway Code exam is intriguing. Can you find the answer?

The Highway Code exam is evolving. While the set of questions asked to candidates had not changed since 2016, Road Safety has formalized the arrival of completely new questions. And if at first glance, certain new features seem to help the candidate, others may confuse some. Scooters or bicycles are thus making their appearance and are more put into practice.

To illustrate these new features, Road Safety has published a set of questions which will be proposed to candidates. We were able to practice it and therefore offer you this similar little game with a standard question. Ready ? There she is.

Look closely at the image above and inspect every detail. The trap sometimes hides in the smallest nooks and crannies, like rearview mirrors. Here, three answers are possible and it is appropriate to analyze the situation. Speed, placement on the road, presence of other users… There are many cases. Please note, time is limited. Each question is followed by just 30 seconds of analysis.

Here, there is no doubt, if the markings on the ground would allow the cyclist to overtake, the presence of a vehicle in front prevents any safe maneuvering. The only solution is to move back to the right and wait. This question requires only one answer, but it is not always so.

Among the new features of this exam of the Highway Code 2023, note that the question can now be accompanied by the mention “Multiple answers” when it is a question followed by several possible correct answers. No more dilemma of answer “A” or answers “A and B”. Without obviously giving the solution, this little mention will help many candidates by indicating that there are at least two possible correct answers. The rules of the exam do not change: you must still obtain at least 35 correct answers out of the 40 exam questions to validate the exam and have the right to take driving lessons.