Still waiting for an official announcement regarding its release here, the Apple Vision Pro headset could well arrive in France in the coming months.

Still without news regarding its arrival in France, the Apple Vision Pro has been desired since its release in the United States on February 2. The Cupertino company is already busy with the recent release of its new MacBook Air equipped with an M3 chip as well as rumors around new iPad tablets to come.

Recent information, however, suggests that the Vision Pro could soon arrive in France. The headset’s operating system, VisionOS, still receives regular updates from Apple. These not only make it possible to correct bugs, but also to add new features to the helmet (or to the space computer as the firm calls it).

The next update to come for VisionOS would notably add 12 new languages ​​to the headset. Among the latter, we find in particular German, Japanese, Korean, but especially French! These new languages ​​should soon be integrated into the headset, including the virtual keyboard that can be used to navigate within VisionOS applications.

This could be proof of the imminent arrival of the helmet on French territory. Since Apple has still not made an official announcement on the subject, the information should be taken with a grain of salt. Tim Cook had, however, publicly declared that he wanted to launch the Vision Pro helmet in France “in the coming months” without giving further details.