Every summer when the holidays arrive, we all ask ourselves the same question: how do we keep our plants going in our absence? This almost free technique is a hit…

Are you in love with green plants? It would be a shame to kill them on your vacation. Fortunately, there are many effective solutions to keep them alive and give them all the water they need in your absence. After testing several solutions, we came across this technique shared by two green plant experts on their TikTok plantabulle.fr account. We were blown away! We wonder why we didn’t try sooner. It is simply water gel. You may have seen it in DIY stores and wondered what it was used for and how it worked. How about making this water gel to save money?

The recipe is simple and you need very little material.

Good to know: for water, you can put mineral water, tap water, rainwater, or even the cooking water from your vegetables.

In the comments, a follower asks the two experts how long can the plants last? Their answer: “between 1 week and 1 month, it depends on the amount of gel and the plant”. They specify that for 2 weeks, you have to put about 500g of water gel. If you have too many plants, do not hesitate to mix with other watering solutions. For example, put water in a basin and put your plant in it. Or even better, put a bottom of water in your bathtub and place several plants in it (be careful, it is preferable that your bathroom has a window to let the day pass, plants do not like to stay too long without light) .