You can’t imagine what a few cinnamon sticks can do when combined with coarse salt. Something economical and ecological.

Entering a home filled with a pleasant scent is always a comforting experience. However, sometimes unwanted odors infiltrate our living spaces, coming from various sources such as cooking, pets, or simply stagnant air. The usual solution is to turn to store-bought air fresheners, but they can be expensive and contain unwanted chemicals. Here is a natural alternative that is both economical and ecological.

Take a small glass container and fill it with five tablespoons of coarse salt, known for its exceptional absorbent properties. Salt is effective in neutralizing bad odors by absorbing moisture and odors from the air. To this, add a tablespoon of fabric softener, which although optional, can provide an extra touch of freshness.

Enrich this mixture with a handful of cloves, known for their strong, spicy scent. These help to effectively mask unwanted odors. After adding the cloves, complete the preparation with another layer of coarse salt.

The key moment of this tip lies in the addition of four cinnamon sticks. Inserted vertically into the mixture, these sticks are then lit using a lighter. Cinnamon, a popular culinary spice, is also appreciated for its pleasant scent and purifying properties. When burning, cinnamon sticks release a warm, welcoming aroma. About ten minutes after lighting the sticks, a scent of cinnamon begins to diffuse, transforming the atmosphere of the room.

The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. The mixture of salt, cinnamon, and cloves creates a synergy that neutralizes odors while diffusing a pleasant scent. The salt acts as an absorbent agent, while the cinnamon and cloves, when lightly heated, release their distinct aromas. This approach offers a natural and inexpensive alternative to commercial air fresheners, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

For those who like to experiment, various spices or essential oils can be added to further personalize the scent. It is recommended to replace ingredients once they have lost their effectiveness. It is also important to never leave burning cinnamon sticks unattended, for safety reasons.