Eleven children were injured, including one in relative emergency, and a man died after a bus accident on a road in Aveyron on Sunday May 14.

Eleven children injured and one dead. The results of the accident on the RN 88, in Aveyron, on Sunday evening are heavy. Two minibuses carrying children collided after one of the vehicles overturned in a ditch. If the emergency services initially counted only injuries, a 26-year-old man who was in absolute emergency has since succumbed to his injuries according to information from France 3. On Sunday evening, two 13-year-old teenagers were hospitalized in relative emergency after the accident, this Monday, May 15, only one child remains in the hospital. His vital prognosis is not engaged, but he suffers from several fractures and a pneumothorax.

The two minibuses involved in the accident were transporting children and teenagers who were members of the Avenir Foot Lozère club, writes Center Presse Aveyron. The vehicles were returning from a precise France 3 sports meeting. Adult supervisors accompanied the young players and it was one of these educators who died. The 26-year-old man was driving one of the minibuses, reports the local antenna. “It’s terrible. We are completely lost. We try to support each other. The big Lozère football family is in mourning,” said Fabien Bernard, president of the Avenir Foot Lozère club with our colleagues.

The two minibuses collided on the national road 88 in the direction of Rodez-Laissac and at the level of the municipality of La Loubière. All the circumstances of the accident are not known, but according to the first elements, the driver of a minibus transporting seven people including children would have lost control of the vehicle which would have overturned in a ditch. The passengers of the minibus would be members of the Avenir Foot Lozère club.

Seven fire engines and two SMUR teams were deployed to the scene last night around 8 p.m. to attend to the injured. The mayor of La Loubière, Magali Bessaou, expressed her sadness and her support for the victims. She added to Center Presse Aveyron: “In this period when we are working on the RN 88, I hope that the anti-all will be able to understand the importance of this site. The new RN 88 must save lives at the ‘coming.