The 14-year-old teenager is suspected of having made homophobic remarks against a 15-year-old high school student who was educated in another establishment and is currently in the middle of a gender transition.

Fifteen days after the suicide of a young high school student in Poissy, and even though the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, brought together all the academy rectors on Monday evening promising them “an electric shock at all levels” in the fight against school bullying, 20 Minutes revealed, this Tuesday, September 19 afternoon, that a 14-year-old teenager had been arrested in the middle of class at the Henri-Barbusse college in Alfortville, in Val-de-Marne, on Monday September 18, 2023.

The schoolboy is suspected of having made homophobic remarks, reports the general information daily. Incentives to suicide are even mentioned. The victim is believed to be a 15-year-old high school student, attending the Maximilien-Perret high school in Alfortville, and currently in the midst of a gender transition. The 14-year-old schoolboy arrested was taken into police custody. Police custody during which he admitted the facts, but also expressed regret, TF1 understands, which specifies that the young man was not a priori known to the police.

The Créteil public prosecutor’s office indicates for its part that “the investigations are continuing”. An investigation into violence leading to incapacity for work for less than eight days, as well as death threats, was opened on the morning of September 19, the prosecutor’s office reported, echoed by France Bleu. According to TF1, the young man was referred to the Créteil public prosecutor’s office this Tuesday also, with a view to a “criminal reparation measure”.

20 Minutes claims that the alert was given the same morning. The father of the harassed teenager went to file a complaint at the Alfortville police station on Monday morning. The alleged facts date back to September 15. That day, the teenager received numerous homophobic comments under an Instagram post. All were by the same author, namely the schoolboy arrested Monday. Young man who a priori did not even know the victim, reports France Bleu. In view of the comments made, the prosecution was quickly notified and immediately issued an order for the young man to appear. With the principal’s agreement, the student was arrested around 4 p.m. while he was in class. A member of the college team told 20 Minutes that the student was even handcuffed in front of his classmates. A method which did not fail to shock the other students, the teaching staff and the parents of the school establishment.

The rectorate, however, confided to 20 Minutes to discuss “with the authorities concerned to understand under what conditions police officers could have been required to intervene in a school establishment to arrest a student in class”. Furthermore, it seems that this harassment by a student would be an isolated case. The young girl’s transition would, it seems, be well accepted in her establishment, whether by the other students or by the teaching team.