The night porter of a hotel in Bremen is a man. The encounter has terrible consequences, because it came to dramatic scenes of wanted by the police.

In Bremen, there was a robbery at a Hotel in the city centre, The porter received a man, posing as a potential guest with terrible consequences, The perpetrator threatened the night Concierge and fled with cash from the register, police Bremen is searching for the man

Bremen The night porter of a hotel in Loning street in Bremen , experienced early Thursday morning, 9. May, against 1.50 PM Terrible. How* reported, received the porter a man, posing as a potential guest – with devastating consequences.

Bremen: night porter receives man in the Hotel – he knows nothing of the terrible consequences

The previously unknown man entered shortly before two o’clock in the Hotel in the city of Bremen. In the case of the 3 4-year-old porter he asked after a room over the Christmas holidays . At the Moment, as the clerk of the hotel stepped out from behind the counter of the reception Desk, followed the man suddenly. the He called for the doorman to the cashier to open , holding a Hand in the jacket pocket, so he wanted to signal, to have a gun. The offender grabbed the cash , which was located in the Hotel’s budget, and escaped on foot .

In Lüneburg, near Hamburg, is just rolls of the Cold Case of a suspected serial killer, to read as*. The man committed over 200 acts?

Bremen: RAID on night porter in the Hotel description of the Offender to the police

The police Bremen is hunting after the robber with the following description :

between 20 and 30 years old, approximately 175 cm tall with dark hair and Three days Beard, dark complexion, wore during the Robbery, a dark hooded jacket

Relevant witness evidence of the crime duration of service under the phone number 0421 3623888 counter .

it was Just on the island of Norderney on the North sea to a mysterious discovery: How* reported, was stranded in a unknown mass and widespread panic.

+ Here is the momentous encounter took place.©Screenshot of Google Maps

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