On the highway A2 at Braunschweig in a serious accident. A Truck crashed into a traffic jam in the construction site. The driver was immediately death.

On the A2 motorway near Braunschweig, there was a serious accident, A Truck driver, a traffic jam missed the end and raced to the construction site for The 56-year-old driver of the Truck was after the accident on the A2 motorway, immediately dead

Brunswick – There were terrible scenes, which on Tuesday (14. – May) on the A2 motorway have played. In the direction of travel of Berlin, between Peine and Braunschweig was a traffic jam up to the Tank and locking system in two villages of wooden . There is also the death drama occurred ! The nordbuzz.de* reported.

56-year-old Truck driver overlooked this exact jam at the end and raced to the almost unchecked on the Polish tractor. It came to a violent impact on the Autobahn , by the force of the Polish Truck on the front of him the truck was pushed.

accident in Braunschweig, Germany: Lorry crash on the A2 motorway in a traffic jam driver dead

During the 64-year-old driver of the Polish Truck easy for the driver in front of him the Truck was not injured, and the ride after the accident by the police and his Team continue could the serious accident ended on the A2 motorway for the ‘polluter pays’ deadly, as informed by the police of Braunschweig, Germany.

The 56-year-old victim was trapped in the cab of his Truck and died on the scene from his injuries . He was probably killed instantly, as the driver’s cab of his Truck completely destroyed , and under the front splined.

two VW-accidents in Bremen ended for two young men fatally, as nordbuzz.de reported.

Braunschweig: Fatal accident on highway – rescue helicopter lands on A2

On the A2 motorway a helicopter rescue , but shortly afterwards, on the grounds of the roadhouse “moved” landed, as the news Agency’s non-stop news reports. The Work at the accident site, designed as a in addition, difficult.

For the rescue had to be coming from the Feuerwehr with a truck crane and, later, even a salvage company with a second crane , the middle Truck to raise before the rear end of the vehicle could be pulled with a winch. The firefighters took about four hours to rescue the accident victims.

In the case of a serious accident in Oldenburg, two Teenagers came, fortunately, in the case of a spin with slight injuries, such as nordbuzz.de reported.

in a Serious accident on the A2 near Braunschweig: the highway has been blocked

Due to the serious accident and the extensive rescue and clean-up the A2 motorway has been blocked to work in the direction of Braunschweig from police . The traffic was led over to the resting place, however, there was a long jam .

of The total damage of the accident on the A2 motorway is likely to be tens of thousands of euros.

came To another horrific incident, a woman was raped during a walk with their dogs in Braunschweig, Germany, by a man. The nordbuzz.de reported.

The police are Bad Harzburg in lower Saxony, looking for a sex offender near Braunschweig. The perverted man had it in for women, such as nordbuzz.de reported.

+ The rescue work after the accident on the A2 motorway near Braunschweig proved to be difficult.©NonStop news


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