polishing is A time-consuming work, but worth it: The car. We will tell you when the best time is for Polish and how to do this.

For those of you that love your car, it will be a task that is tackled with enthusiasm. But for those who do not want to make the effort, it could be worthwhile. Because to polishing the car, has some advantages.

About polishing the car

polished paint looks chic and makes the car like new appear. And this is precisely the point: Because the boosts the property value of the vehicle and the rust formation prevents also . Because by polishing the uppermost, weathered layer of lacquer is removed and a new free. So, small scratches can be removed, in which like rust is forming.

in addition, a freshly polished paint is less prone to bird droppings, the hineinätzt happy times. Thus, the polishing of the vehicle works properly, you should observe the following tips.

car polishing: Is there a right time?

just like in the home, the spring is also suitable for car polishing. Because here is the most between 18 and 25 degrees – neither too cold, which is detrimental to the paint, not to hot yet, what makes the Polish harden quickly. In addition, the whole de-icing salt, which is added to the paint is strong, it is important to use the Winter to get rid of.

Also, you should note when washing the car in the Winter that road salt attacks the moisture the paint. Therefore, you should be at the car wash for the cold Season, extremely careful and these tips in mind.

preparing your car to the Polish before

Before you take polishes in Hand, you need to ensure that your car’s pores to deep clean. This may are a specific Polish cleaner – even though these are not at normal weathered paint is absolutely necessary – or you drive into the car wash. The professional Laundry protects the paint and is quite thorough.

If you wash the car yourself, you do this is not in the blazing sun – in addition, the sponge should be cleared regularly of dirt, so the dirt granules to the paint of the car is not more scratching. Shampoo, you a kidney to the car, then rinse quickly with clear water so that no residues on the surface after drying.

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In this case, the protection of a pre-treatment with a high pressure cleaner . You do not hold, however, 30 cm distance, so as not to harm the paint and do not aim only to a point. Also, the tires should not treat you with the cleaner, otherwise damage may occur.

The tools you need for a car Polish

Have you washed the car thoroughly, finally, it goes to the polishing. To do this, you will need to

a suitable Polish, a buffing sponge and soft micro fibre cloths.

The right Polish, is not so easy. Because the selection in stores is great, and the promises on the label even bigger. Not always the most expensive medium is the best. Therefore you should find out the best on the Internet about the latest test results of car polishes.

often combination products , cleaning the paint, polishing and sealing. This is not sufficient in the normal case, if it is just an older vehicle. In the case there are special polishes that can be applied to weathered paint.

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in Addition, there are car polishes, Nano-particles, which penetrate into the pores of the Lacquer and a smooth surface guarantee. Or they include hard wax that seals the paint, water run off, and ensures that dirt can not adhere.

How to get your car properly polishing

front and back of the car, polishing with the System: to Share the car in sections – like roof, bonnet, doors – and you need to treat this. Window and plastic taped parts.

apply the Polish on the paint and “massage” it by using the polishing sponge or pad with light pressure into the surface. You can stop as soon as the Polish turns to dust or milky.

Then you should move in quickly with a micro fiber cloth and contrary to the previous polishing direction of the paint, then Polish before the Polish is dried. With the hand outer surface, you can check whether the surface is smooth to the touch – then it goes to the next position.

So you go with a polishing machine for

working with the Hand is tiring and takes longer – therefore, a polishing machine is often the solution. This, however, requires a bit of Practice in order to ensure a smooth surface. For this, she acts in a weathered paint better.

how it works : The Polish is applied to the polishing head cover and moistened then with a little water, so that the funds would be later distributed evenly on the paint. So that this always remains the chilled, damp polishing sponge, always, and with Polish to be provided. Then run the machine at a medium speed in a circular motion over the surface of the Lacquer, and exert only slight pressure. You do not spend also too much time in one place, and be careful on the edges.

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Franziska Kaindl

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