Traveling in the Rhône this Saturday, the new Prime Minister says he wants to “feed” his general policy speech during a public exchange with the French.

Gabriel Attal will deliver his highly anticipated general policy speech on Tuesday January 30, three weeks after his appointment to Matignon. Until then, its strategy is clear: give everyone a guarantee of listening by increasing the number of meetings and field trips. This Saturday, January 20, the head of government is going to the Rhône. His services announced that he would speak publicly with 150 French people, with the aim of “nourishing” his next speech even better.

Already since last week, each action of the Prime Minister has been a pretext to “feed” this famous general policy speech. Thursday, Matignon indicated that Gabriel Attal had brought together the government to prepare his speech in a “collegial” manner. In parallel with his numerous trips to the field, the head of government also conducts consultations with social partners and political parties. This Saturday afternoon, he is offering a more original operation: a public exchange with 150 French people.

After a visit to the wishes of the mayor of the town of Orliénas, in the Lyon region, Gabriel Attal has lunch with local elected officials, away from the press. He is then expected in the town of Saint-Laurent d’Agny to meet some 150 residents and mayors of the Rhône department.

An exercise which is reminiscent of the meetings organized around Emmanuel Macron during the great national debate at the beginning of 2019. At the time, the President of the Republic was criticized for a communication stunt without concrete political consequences. Will Gabriel Attal be more convincing than his mentor? An appointment is made on January 30 to judge.