A new platform has been put online to denounce certain people and, in certain cases, make them lose their rights.

For some, it is a “despicable measure”, “denunciation”. For its designers, simply a “declarative approach”. In France, a million people could find themselves stuck on software because of a choice they made regarding work. A system which did not exist until then and which has only been put in place since the start of the new year. A system that appeals although it will not be infallible and could allow some people to avoid seeing their name written in it.

The government has in fact created a platform to further regulate the payment of certain unemployment benefits. Objective: to restrict benefit spending by strongly encouraging people to return to work. If no one can be forced to go to work – a question of freedom – it is through the lever of financial constraint that some of the unemployed people will be pushed to return to work.

A new rule provides for cutting unemployment rights in a very specific case. For this to happen, a person, whose fixed-term contract (or temporary assignment) has just ended, must refuse, over a period of one year, two permanent contracts whose employment conditions (salary, working hours work, location, missions, etc.) are strictly similar to his last job.

France Travail (the new name of Pôle Emploi) may cut compensation if the situation arises because employers will have to inform the organization of the candidate’s refusal of the offer. Within one month after the response, the company will be responsible for filling out a certain amount of information on the demarches-simplifiees.fr website. In 7 minutes, the platform promises.

From these elements, France Travail will determine whether the unemployed person still meets the eligibility conditions for benefits. However, the company will have no obligation to complete this form and will not be penalized if it does not do so. Given the absence of any constraint, the system is therefore more symbolic than anything else. The CGT, FSU and Solidaires unions, however, announced that they would attack the decree before the Council of State.

According to INSEE statistics, this could concern around 1,200,000 French people. This is the number of people unemployed after the end of a fixed-term contract (2022 figures, details for 2023 not yet known).