This little tool can make a big difference to your appearance, and you don’t have to charge it or change the battery. It’s timeless and old-fashioned, making it a great tool for achieving lashes that look like Lizzo.

Although our eyelashes are only little, they can be transformed with a curler like this one. Alexx Mayo is Lizzo’s favorite makeup artist and explained why this Kevyn Auscoin pick was the best way to go.

Tinashe and Mariah carey have also used Mayo’s services. Mayo gave the details on the curler. This is a must-have for every makeup artist. Even on days when you don’t wear makeup, it opens the eyes and creates a wide, fluttery effect.

When we were younger, we remember buying an eyelash curler at the dollar store. We were confused when it didn’t work. Us didn’t realize how much it made a difference until later. This high-quality, professional-quality one was so impressive and well-made that one reviewer said it is “14 years old” and still works as new!

Nordstrom has almost 400 reviews of this eyelash curler right now. They call it the “best curler ever made” and “the best.” This curler is even better than Shu Uemera’s.

The stainless steel curler should always be used before mascara. However, the brand recommends that it is used again after mascara has dried for “glamorous eyes.” You can also use it upside down to focus on your bottom lashes! Mayo said that you can use mascara even on less-than-perfect days. A little curl can bring you a lot of compliments and confidence.