Alex Rodriguez’s Most Memorable Moments with His Daughters, Natasha & Ella: Photos

His daughters are his most precious possessions! Alex Rodriguez shares Natasha, Ella, and Cynthia Scurtis with Cynthia Rodriguez — the ex-professional baseball player enjoys sharing special moments on social networks.

In a touching Instagram post from September 2021, the retired athlete called the teens the “best part” of his life. He was married to Scurtis between 2002 and 2008. They welcomed Ella and Natasha to their home in 2008 and 2004 respectively.

The New York native split with the ex-psychology teacher and moved on to Jennifer Lopez. Grammy nominee Marc Anthony has two children with her — Maximilian, Emme and Emme — while her twins, Natasha and Ella are close friends.

Rodriguez stated to Access Hollywood that the couple had “merged incredibly well” in 2017. Rodriguez stated that they are in love with each other and they enjoy playing together. They also have a lot of common ground, which makes them all very supportive.

He and the “Let’s Get Loud” singer split four years later. Two years after their engagement, the ex-partners said that they had come to terms with each other and are now friends. We will continue to support one another and work together on our shared projects and businesses. We wish each other the best and our children all the best. We are respectful of them and want to thank everyone who sent support and kind words. Lopez and Rodriguez stayed together for the sake their children’s safety, according to a source to Us Weekly. The insider said that A-Rod’s daughters and J. Lo’s children are very close. They still have a deep love and affection for one another that I believe will never end. They wanted to be able to get together as a family for Easter so that their children could still enjoy it.

Rodriguez shared his gratitude with Entertainment Tonight for spending time with Natasha, Ella, and Ben Affleck after the actress split from Ben Affleck.

In August 2021, the ex-shortstop said that he had enjoyed five years of an amazing life and partnership. He also shared so many lessons with his daughters. “Now we have the chance to take those lessons and move on and say, You know what? “… How can we make the next five-years better because of lessons learnt?

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