Bell Coleman had three years of Dreadlocks. Then she decided that it was time for a change. A days-long procedure turned to the blonde.

“Today, I’m going to do something pretty dramatic, that will change my life quite a bit. I am very excited and nervous,” says Bell Coleman in a Video she uploaded recently on Youtube. She will show how she looks like without Dreadlocks – by ausk√§mmt the matted hair.

After five days, the Dreadlocks past

About three years the young woman had Dreads, until they found it at the time, to change its type, and wear your hair down again , such as the Portal Express reported. Her transformation keeps the young woman in your Youtube Video “Brushing Out My Dreadlocks After 3 Years!” (“I comb my Dreadlocks after three years!”) fixed:

Coleman had to put a lot of patience and tact on the day: First, you had soaked your Dreads for ten minutes in hot water. After that, the Detangler was used, a product, which detangles the hair, your mane, then, with a big fat hair mask from Shea butter and argan oil RUB .

But now it’s just so right: With a long handle comb detangling any matted strand of hair, piece for piece. the Overall, you need for 36 Dreadlocks for five whole days ! Her mother hadn’t helped, would have taken the procedure even longer. The result in each case.

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