Some Netflix series have achieved real audience ratings at their launches. Which had the best start of all time? Have you seen them all?

It has become a reflex rooted in our habits. Don’t know what to watch tonight? What if we went to Netflix to see the latest series of the moment? Thanks to word-of-mouth, some programs have become great classics on the streaming platform to the point of realizing real ratings.

Last January, Netflix unveiled the top of its most viewed series since the launch of the streaming platform. To establish this ranking, the site counted the audiences accumulated during the first 28 days following the launch of the program. This is why series, which may take longer to acquire their audience, are not mentioned in this ranking.

To establish this top 10, Netflix also distinguished the seasons to give a chance to programs that have just started and which have still recorded huge audiences. Finally, Netflix used at that time to measure the number of hours of cumulative viewing, which tends to favor long series (ten or even twenty episodes) to the detriment of shorter ones (less than ten episodes). episodes).

The place of Lucifer in this top 10 may surprise. Cumulatively, Stranger Things also exceeded the first season of Squid Game by generating, at the launch of its last two seasons, 1.93 billion hours of cumulative viewing, while The Bridgerton Chronicle rose to the level of Wednesday with 1, 29 billion hours of cumulative viewing. But don’t let that tarnish the incredible scores of Mercredi and Squid Game, which manage to do better in one season than behemoths that have had time to prove themselves and have already acquired a core of fans! So, have you seen all these series?