In Wednesday, March 15, 2023, episode 1383 of Tomorrow is Ours, Lisa thinks the man who killed the couple is the one who murdered her parents. Summary.

In episode 1383 of Tomorrow belongs to us from Wednesday March 15, the investigation into the couple found dead begins. The police know from Raphaëlle that Corinne Chassagne wanted a divorce and that her husband opposed it. But did Serge Chassagne kill his wife before killing himself? Or is it a double suicide? Both of these leads are dismissed when the coroner’s report reveals that they were tied up. In addition, everything seems to indicate that someone was watching the couple at home. It is therefore a premeditated murder. Moreover, it seems that it is the same person who broke into Roxane and Sara’s house… the two cases would therefore have a link. What’s more, Lisa has a revelation when she sees the couple’s photo: her parents were killed by the same individual. A serial killer is therefore rampant in Sète.

At the same time, Dorian finds it hard to bear the gazes of others in high school now that his father is in prison, but he and his mother hope that everything ends well. On the Wednesday, March 15 episode of DNA, Nordine finally found the screwdriver that was used to kill Pagès as well as a USB key with a video showing Dorian threatening Jonas with the tool. Etienne was therefore telling the truth and Alexis has no choice but to admit that he planted the screwdriver in the body of Pagès to accuse Dorian. Raphaëlle announces to Etienne that he will be able to go home. He’s relieved, even if he’s not completely out of the woods. He will be on probation pending trial and she will plead blackmail to avoid him going to jail.

Finally, in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on March 15 on TF1, Renaud knows that Marianne lives a hundred miles an hour and he fears that she will eventually get tired because he has trouble keeping up. He wants to maintain the flame and wants to surprise her. After asking Alex for help, he takes Marianne to the port. Surprise ! A beautiful vintage car awaits him there. She thinks it’s too much, but she’s overjoyed. The couple go for a ride at the wheel of the racing car, but Marianne speeds and is stopped by Nordine who gives her a fine. Later, in consultation, Marianne flirts with Sébastien Perrault who is not indifferent to her charm. Would Renaud’s concern be justified?