In episode 1374 of Tomorrow belongs to us from Thursday, March 2, 2023, Alexis found a way to blackmail Etienne: to frame Dorian for the murder of Jonas. Summary.

In Thursday, March 2, episode 1374 of DNA, Dorian confesses everything to his father: he went with Luna to find Jonas and the latter threatened them. He managed to push him back with a screwdriver that he left behind and the two youngsters fled. Later, upon learning that Luna attempted suicide, Dorian collapses and visits her in the hospital. She’s in a coma and doctors don’t know if she’ll wake up. Dorian begs her to hold on and promises her that everything will be okay and she can even dance again.

For their part, the police doubt: what if she had killed Milan and Jonas? But the hypothesis does not hold, with only one valid leg, the young girl is too physically weak to commit such a crime. The police deduce that she was accompanied when she went to see her ex. In fact, Alexis set a trap for Etienne: he followed Dorian and Luna and, Jonas having succumbed to his injuries, he recovered the screwdriver after stabbing him in the post-mortem belly to make it look like a murder. If Étienne refuses to follow him, his son will be in big trouble. Curtis will therefore have to open the safe of a luxurious villa so that Alexis can pay off his debts.

Still in Sète, Charlie is jealous when she learns that François and Soizic have seen each other again. The development in Sète of the ex of his companion worries him. She is complex with this more mature woman and feels threatened. In this episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Charlie confides in Christelle who wants to reassure her: she too is promised a bright future. Adam tells his mother that his father is very happy with his young companion and Soizic feels very well alone. Charlie finally reveals her fears to François who promises her that she needn’t worry.

Finally, in episode 1374 of DNA broadcast on Thursday March 2, 2023 on TF1, Victor is bitten after his tender night with Romy and rewrites again and again the message he wants to send her. For her part, the young woman has an appointment with Karim and she tells him that she is going to manage Brunet’s hotel. The policeman does not see the collaboration with a very good eye and warns her. When he intercepts the message that Victor has finally decided to send, he sees red and confronts the former mobster to ask him to leave his sister-in-law alone. Victor does not disassemble and tells everything to Romy. For her part, the young woman is upset: she likes Victor very much, but she does not want to mix private and professional life. Her new boss admits that her integrity confirms she’s perfect for the job. Later, Romy asks Karim not to meddle in her business anymore.