TOMORROW BELONGS TO US. In episode 1355 of Tomorrow belongs to us from Friday February 3, 2023, François and Patrick are formally cleared. Summary.

In DNA episode 1355 of Friday, February 3, 2023, according to the preliminary autopsy report, Jean-Louis Pujol, the blackmailer, died of a heart attack after receiving blows to the face and chest . Meanwhile, Chloe summons Emma and François after the teacher fires his student by force. He apologizes to her and admits to having reacted badly because of personal problems. At the police station, François admits to having fought with the blackmailer but that Adam arrived and separated them. The DNA of the professor is everywhere on the body of Pujol, which is worth to him to be placed in police custody. Adam supports his father’s version but, to Amel, confides that he is not sure that his father did not kill Pujol. The conclusions of the pathologist, however, confirm the innocence of François and Patrick. At the morgue, Mélanie Marval comes to apologize to Pujol’s corpse. Did she kill her?

Elsewhere in Sète, at the Roussels, Jack decided to train with his cane in the street. Then Audrey talks about Rayane with her son, pointing out that he seems friendly and very caring for a simple friend. In the February 3 episode of Tomorrow is Ours, Jack and Lizzie are greeted by Rayane at high school. After class, Jack and Rayane go for a walk and, on a bench, the Roussel boy asks if he can touch his classmate’s face, which he accepts, embarrassed. Rayane accompanies him and Jack invites him to his house. Rayane declines and Jack urges him to tell her the reason: Rayane has a date with a boy. Jack is disappointed.

Finally, in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on Friday February 3 on TF1, Bart and Adèle have an appointment. They walk around and discuss their deceased companions and their way of mourning. They feel the same, which brings them together. After the date, Bart finds Roxane and Sara at the Spoon. He assures them that he just wants a friendly relationship with Adele and not a new romance. In the evening, while he has an appointment with Adèle, Bart cancels at the last moment after coming across Louise’s driver’s license. Adele is disappointed.