TOMORROW BELONGS TO US. In the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast from March 20, 2023, Lisa finds Geoffrey Allard unconscious. Summary.

In the episodes of DNA broadcast from Monday March 20 on TF1, the investigators are still on the trail of the assassin. Lisa is convinced that the culprit is Geoffrey Allard, the couple’s gardener, and calls on Benoît Letelier to testify. His parents were also murdered by the monster of Argenteuil 15 years ago (that’s how they met) and he happened to work as a gardener at his house. Also, Geoffrey Allard is in the area. Everything accuses him, even if the suspect claims the opposite. Lisa is sure of herself, however, Sara has doubts, she has the impression that the individual who entered her home was taller. Lisa decides to go talk to Allard in his cell, but she finds him unconscious! He has no pulse and she tries to revive him.

In parallel, in the episodes of DNA for the week of March 20, Victoire, who had a real crush on her new colleague Aaron, takes the plunge and invites him to a jazz concert. She specifies that the place is very romantic and the handsome doctor accepts with pleasure. Unfortunately, a last-minute emergency prevents him from arriving on time… He confides to Soizic that he is exhausted and would rather just have a drink. Soizic takes advantage of the situation and finally, the two doctors find themselves in Aaron’s mobile home. The opportunity to get closer… Will Victoire allow herself to be overtaken by Soizic?

Noting that it is the last day to choose an activity from the box that her grandchildren have offered her, Marianne decides to go tree climbing. Since Renaud cannot accompany her, she asks for Chloé, Anna, Bart and Judith, but no one is available. She then meets Sébastien Perrault at the Spoon and asks him if he would like to come with her. Of course, the prosecutor agrees. The complicity is there, even if Marianne is dizzy. In the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast from March 20 on TF1, Renaud sees that Sébastien is interested in Marianne and does not hide his jealousy. Will Marianne resist the charm of her new suitor?