Following Louis’ elimination, a new week begins at the Star Academy castle. But viewers should prepare for a big change.

A new week begins at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys. This Saturday, November 11, the first candidate for the 2023 class left The Star Academy. At the end of the public vote and the vote of the other students, it was ultimately Louis who left the competition first. Djebril (saved by the students) and Margot (saved by the public), also in danger this week, were able to return to the song and dance school.

The academicians, however, did not have much time to recover from such emotion, since they returned to the castle immediately and had to prepare for a major surprise: this week, the evaluations and the bonus are progress of one day.

As a result, the 12 candidates still in the competition take their assessment this Monday, which means they have less than 24 hours to train and prepare a performance that will impress the teachers.

Viewers will discover this moment in the daily newspaper on Tuesday, November 13, at the same time as the name of the eliminated candidate. The bonus will take place this Friday, November 17, 2023.

Let the Star Academy faithful rest assured, this is an exceptional change in the calendar which should not have repercussions the following week.

Indeed, this Saturday, November 18, the football match between France and Gibraltar takes place for qualifying for the European Championship. This meeting is broadcast on TF1, forcing the postponement of the Star Academy prime by one day.