Star Academy fans are on the lookout for the progress of the candidates, but also for romance between the students. And a video posted on social networks sows doubt.

Every year, fans of the Star Academy are on the lookout for the slightest sign of connections between the candidates. The Class of 2023 is no exception. On social networks, some are wondering if a romance might not be born between two academicians… video to back it up!

If Axel revealed, with humor, that he has a little crush on Victorien even if he thinks that it will never come to fruition, it is another duo that is in the viewfinder of viewers. On the MyTF1 Max live, some are convinced to have witnessed a kiss between Pierre and Candice.

An excerpt was shared on the social network TikTok, sowing doubt about the nature of their relationship. In these images, we can see Pierre carrying Candice in his arms and spinning her around. We can also imagine, seeing this video, that he kisses her.

This meager clue does not confirm the potential romance between the two academicians. On social networks, however, Internet users are getting excited.

First, some thought it was Lola, one of the three students in danger of elimination this evening along with Victorien and Marie-Maud. However, it would indeed be Candice that Pierre carries in his arms during this sequence.

“It looks like he’s kissing her, right?”, reacted a user by sharing the video which does not fail to spark theories. “I don’t know what to think about it either, but if so, it’s cute and they look great together!”, “On one side it leans really super low and on the other it’s too cute how he wore it, so, yes, there’s a kiss” for this other TikTok user.

We will have to wait for the candidates to be made official in the coming weeks for this rumor to be confirmed or denied. In the meantime, they both continue the adventure next week.

The Star Academy bonus is exceptionally broadcast on the TV program this Friday November 17, 2023 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.