The NRJ host has been the subject of a rape complaint since Saturday November 18, after several weeks of testimonies on social networks. He himself had filed a complaint for online harassment.

Sébastien Cauet has been the subject of a complaint for rape since Saturday November 18, 2023. This was filed at the Saint-Laurent-sur-Saône police station, in Ain, L’Obs tells us this Tuesday. The media obtained the statement of the complainant, who claims to have been raped twice by the host of C’Cauet on NRJ, including once when she was 16 years old. She had already testified on X, ex-Twitter.

In her complaint, this medical secretary, now 25 years old, says she met Sébastien Cauet in January 2014, after having “won a competition to go to Disneyland Paris with him and his NRJ team”. He then allegedly invited her “to a mix in Geneva” a few months later, when she was 16 and he was 42.

During the evening, he suggested that she go up to his room to listen to the radio model that she had brought. She assures that he sat next to her, “he removed the button of his pants and lowered them slightly a few centimeters while taking out his penis,” she states in her complaint.

She assures that the host asked her to give him oral sex “if [she] wanted to succeed”. “I bent down and performed oral sex which lasted a few seconds.”

It would be the repeated telephone calls from her sister-in-law, with whom she had come to Switzerland, which would have stopped Sébastien Cauet. “On the way back, he wrote to me on Snapchat that I shouldn’t say anything,” she adds. The complainant then recounts having suffered a new rape in a parking lot, in 2022. He would have again forced her to perform oral sex, “after recurring sexual pressure” via messages.

Sébastien Cauet has been the subject of testimonies on the social network X for several weeks. Other women accuse him of having made sexual propositions to them in person or through messages. The radio host filed a complaint for moral harassment committed through the use of an online public communication service.

On X, the host said he was “deeply shocked by the accusations made against [him] here”. “These allegations are completely false, fabricated and defamatory.” The Nanterre public prosecutor’s office took charge of the case, and the investigation was entrusted to the Brigade for the Repression of Delinquency Against the Person.